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Horoscopes for Lulz


Your personal ruling planets are Mars and Sun.

You are assertive, energetic, active, courageous, and vital. You have a very strong physical drive which expresses itself as sexuality and passion, a desire to compete with others, and a tendency to fight. You have a victorious spirit and the will to win.

You are direct, energetic, sometimes aggressive and combative. You often feel that you need to fight to get what you want and you tend to have a "me-first" attitude that angers or irritates others. You are hasty, restless, impatient, and sometimes reckless.

You are positive, vital, energetic, active, a go-getter. You enjoy competition, and your initiative and self-confidence make you a winner.

Your lucky colours are copper and gold.

Your lucky gem is Ruby.

Your lucky days of the week are Sunday, Monday and Thursday.

Your lucky numbers and years of important change are 1, 10, 19, 28, 37,46,55,64,73 and 82.

Famous people born on your birthday include James A. Garfield, J.R. Capablanca, Indira Gandhi, Roy Campanella, Dick Cavett, Calvin Klein, Jodie Foster, Gene Tierney and Meg Ryan.