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blind date time

Wow, Kefka was not expecting to be pulled into a blind date thing. He's thirty-five, he's going to die in a year, who thinks this is a good idea? This is an awful idea. But the food looks decent, and his date should be here soon.

His date better be here soon.
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The term "blind date" wasn't really present in Feldt's vocabulary. maybe Lockon's Anyway, she had no idea why someone was picking her up for one. Maybe it was Haro's way of forcing her to take a break. She didn't even bother changing out of her uniform (see icon). So, she left a note letting the others know community things came up and she'd return as soon as she could.

When she finally made it to the place, there was only one table with a single occupant. It was someone she didn't know, but had probably seen commenting around the community as some point.

And then she forgot how to shot proper social skills again and stood near the table like an awkward turtle, suddenly unsure if this guy was her intended "blind date".
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"Yes, they did." She moves closer to the table and sits down in the empty chair opposite him. "I only wish I knew why. It's too early to be a virus."
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"Hm. It could be."

Feldt is not exactly sure what to make of her dinner partner, but he doesn't seem so bad.
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She completely failed to hide the relief she felt at his announcement. Complete and utter relief.

"I'm Feldt."
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"I've been busy with a project for my internship, so I haven't been around the community lately."

She opened up the menu and scanned it. Fancy. But if their hosts did bail on the check, at least her "internship" paid well.

"They're paying? That's kind of them."

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"I'm working as a computer technician and occasionally as a mechanic for my internship. Recently, I've been checking a new program to work out the bugs that have been keeping it from going live."

Oh... well that's not an unusual remark at all. And she has the strangest feeling about asking the question on her mind, but does it anyway.

"...How would you make them pay?"
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"Not insect bugs. Computer bugs. Anomalies in the programming that keep it from functioning the right way."

He'll have to pardon her. The truth made her eyes widen. Sure Celestial Being had sought to eliminate conflict with fighting, but violence over not paying a dinner bill?

"Violence isn't the answer. I'm sure it can be talked out with our... hosts."
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"I'm sure you've learned by now they take practice to use properly."

If ever there was a time to fall back on old social habits. That time is now. That habit? Clam up when unsure of what to say next. And that's exactly what she's doing after shooting Kefka an uneasy glance then turning her eyes down to the menu.
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All she can force out is a "mm" to go with a nod. When the waiter finally comes over, she puts in an order for a salad with grilled chicken. And then she suddenly finds the table setting interesting enough to stare at.
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welp. this went south fast. :'D

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She turns bright pink, properly embarrassed. But what do you say to someone who thinks it's acceptable to hurt someone for not front a dinner bill? She's supposed to be a student intern, not someone with the power to suggest an armed intervention. Besides, maybe he wouldn't really hurt anyone so long as the bill got paid? She finally shook her head, deciding if things got dicey, she'd find a worldhop home.

"No, i-it's fine."
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She wishes she could go back. There's a long to-do list waiting for her back on the Ptolemaios. But she doesn't want to be rude. That awkward moment when you want to agree and say "yes, please, let's end this now" but don't want to offend the other person further.

"I won't. I'm sor--"

--Hang on. Those nails. She's never seen a man with painted nails before. Never seen a man with nails that long before either. Sorry man, she's staring at dem nails now.
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"I've never seen nails that long before. They're so colorful."

Even as she continued looking at his nails she thought over what he had said: you can just say you want to go. Welp. Social conventions are for those who learned them. Unfortunately, Feldt didn't learn too many growing up with computers as her best friends.

"I do have a lot of work to do...."
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"Some do, I don't." She holds out both her hands to show her nails. No paint, no falsies, just neatly-trimmed, bare nails.

That... would be quite terrible, actually.