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Saudade Powers Permission Post


Kefka demonstrates the ability to steal powers via draining espers of power, which severely weakens them. His final boss tower uses blue magic. I think this is enough to imply that Kefka can use some form of blue magic. This will work like Eat and Lancet - Kefka aborbs energy from a character, which weakens them and teaches him the power -- or he eats part of them, which does the same. This will target one unique spell/ability/power/what have you; he can only steal one thing from one character.

Can Kefka copycat/steal a power from your character? Can he use Lancet? Can he use Eat? What power would he steal?


All FFVI playable characters have a special attack that they can use 1/16 of the time when on low HP. I’d assume Kefka is no exception. His Limit shall be called Forsaken and does a lot of non-elemental magical damage to each enemy faced.

Can Kefka use Forsaken against your character if he's fighting them while heavily injured?


Kefka seems to be able to sense high levels of ~magic power~ and the mood behind them (“oh shit there’s something powerful and pissed behind that door, I HAVE A BAD FEELING OHSHI-“ /punted off a cliff by a fuckton of angry espers), so he can be used as a bad mojo detector. These usually manifest, for Kefka, through all five senses as synesthesia.

Can Kefka sense your character's magic power?
- Can he sense the mood behind the power?
- What would the magic manifest as? (Or do I just make it up as I go along?

And, finally, if you want Kefka to tone down any possible creepy or not to tag you, please drop me a line!