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DDD Permissions Post

For Dramadramaduck

[Stats as of 1/11]

Name: Kefka Palazzo
Age: 35
Height: five foot four
Weight: 105 pounds (yes, he's underweight; thank the magic for it and the fact he's still functioning)
Eyes: Blue
Hair: dirty blond

Kefka's current powers and stats are (of 1/1/11)

>Poison (3 MP, does Poison damage and 50% chance of causing Poisoned status)
>Confuse (8 MP, 50% chance of Confusing the enemy)
>Imp (10 MP, 50% chance of turning the enemy into an Imp)
>Drain (15 MP, drains ~100 HP from the enemy)
>Osmose (1 MP, drains ~100 MP from the enemy)
>Float (10 MP, the casted upon is immune to damage from the ground)
>Fire (4 MP, causes minor fire damage/summons fire)
>Blizzard (5 MP, causes minor ice damage/summons ice)
>Thunder (6 MP, causes minor thunder damage/summons electricity)

>Morning Star
>Mythril Shield
>White Dress (increases magic by 5)
>Green Beret (increases HP by 12.5%)
>Peace Ring (protects from Berserk and Confuse)
>Ward Bangle (reduces random encounters by 50%)

HP 3000
MP 3000
Status Immunities: Blind, Zombie, Poison, Imp, Petrify, Vanish, Instant Death, Doom, Critical, Blink, Silence, Berserk, Confusion, Sap, Sleep
Human Opponent (weak to weapons that are strong vs humans); Can't Control; Can't Libra (scan for stats)

[Stats as of 6/6]

Kefka's current powers and stats are (of 1/1/11)

>Poison (3 MP, does minor poison damage and 50% chance of causing Poisoned status)
>Confuse (8 MP, 50% chance of Confusing the enemy)
>Imp (10 MP, 50% chance of turning the enemy into an Imp)
>Drain (15 MP, drains ~100 HP from the enemy)
>Osmose (1 MP, drains ~100 MP from the enemy)
>Float (10 MP, the casted upon is immune to damage from the ground)
>Fire (4 MP, causes minor fire damage/summons fire)
>Slow (5 MP, slows opponent)
>Sleep (5 MP, 50% chance to make the opponent sleep)
>Blizzard (5 MP, causes minor ice damage/summons ice)
>Thunder (6 MP, causes minor thunder damage/summons electricity)
>Fira (20 MP, causes major fire damage/summons fire)
>Blizzara (21 MP, causes major ice damage/summons fire)
>Thundara (22 MP, causes major thunder damage/summons fire)
>Bio (26 MP, does major poison damage and 75% chance of causing Poisoned status)
>Raise (30 MP, brings person back from mortal wound/ko)
>Regen (10 MP, regenerate health)

>Morning Star
>Fire Shield (absorbs fire, weakness to ice, 5% rate to learn Firaga)
>White Dress (increases magic by 5)
>Green Beret (increases HP by 12.5%)
>Earring (improves magic damage)
>Ward Bangle (reduces random encounters by 50%)

HP 4500
MP 4500
Status Immunities: Blind, Zombie, Poison, Imp, Petrify, Vanish, Instant Death, Doom, Critical, Blink, Silence, Berserk, Confusion, Sap, Sleep
Human Opponent (weak to weapons that are strong vs humans); Can't Control; Can't Libra (scan for stats)


Kefka is really short and really skinny, first off. He tries to make up for it with feathers in his hair and huge colorful clothing that says I AM A THREAT, DON'T MESS WITH ME, but he's still pretty fragile in a fight. He's got stamina and lots and lots of armor under all that clothing to help, yes, but when he breaks, he breaks hard. This is partially from growing up somewhat malnourished and partially from magic turning his metabolism up to eleven.

Don't let that fool you. Though the clothes are somewhat foppish, the blonde ponytail loose and be-feathered and the red make up on eyes and lips almost clownish, Kefka is anything but. His face has small wrinkles from the eternal smile and glare, and the smile itself is more teeth bared than actual glee. His bright blue eyes are, at least he hopes, piercing (the make up does help in this regard) and they are watching.

(The clothes and facepaint, he thinks, are like ye olde clothes of yore that magi wore in the magi wars--a la samurai armor or knight armor. "I am a magi; don't mess with me lightly." Whether this is accurate is, for now, undecided.)

He's got a deepish tenor voice, although his tendancy to flip his voice around as he speaks makes that hard to hear sometimes. He's got good teeth and long, slim and calloused hands with painted and stubby nails. He wears stud earrings, which can boost his magic if worn in a certain way, and two gold bangles. His clothing is brightly colored and well-tailored.

Transportation: Where he can't hitch a boat, an airship or a tank, Kefka walks. Through monster-infested forests, if need be.


Thread Hopping with This Character: As long as the thread isn’t filtered/private.
Backtagging with This Character: yessssss I am up for all the tags

Notes for the Psychics: Kefka's been infused with magic that's made him highly aggressive and magically sensitive, so the first thing that'll probably hit is the general hatred and suspicion he has for everything. Second is the magic sensing if there's any magic around.

Just below the homicidal surface thoughts are thoughts of finding the Goddesses of magic and attempting to find more magic. There'll also be his normal thoughts, depending on when he's psychic'd.

Deeper on is Kefka's past--strongest are memories of battles and planning, arguements with Dr. Cid and Celes, suspicion as he talks to his emperor. More faded are memories of positive interactions with people around the Empire and his childhood, studying in military school and being a quiet, alone child.

What's Okay To Mention Around Him: OOCly, I'm up for pretty much anything. IC, Kefka is also up for pretty much anything. Telling him that his reality is a game/not real will have him demanding proof. Telling him that being the Empire's dirty work man and killing everyone is wrong will start him up on arguing about it, from the ethics of it to 'I like it, bugger off.' He likes arguing and discussing pretty much everything, from war to reality to music to clothing, and will happily drop some puns in there if he can get away with it. He's all for word play.

If someone mentions sex, he'll change the topic. He's Not Interested, kthxbai.

Trying to meddle in what he considers his affairs will bring about his annoyance and contempt--they're not gonna be able to pull it off, he thinks, so mocking will be there too. If he thinks someone is out to ruin any friendships he has will bring about rage.

Abilities: Kefka can use magic (see above for what magics he can use) and has enough MP to use it for a long time. He can also sense magic, which will be written as trippy sensory wtfery for now. He's got enough martial skill to use a mace competently, though he doesn't hit too hard. He's also really good at running away.

Outside of combat--Kefka is good at pronouncing things thanks to his magic training. He can sew pretty well and can hunt well enough to feed himself while wandering around in the wild. He can drive magitek armor. His research into the secrets of magic have given him a healthy knowledge of philosophy and science.

Can I shapeshift/bodyswap/slash/etc?: Ask me first, please, so I know what I'm getting into! I'll probably say yes~

Maim/Murder/Death: I'd prefer not to kill Kefka or maim him permanently unless he can be healed up, since it might be tricky to explain why Kefka is missing an eye/dead in canon. Otherwise, go for it!

Kissing/Hugging/Badtouch: You can if you want, but Kefka isn't really into that. Hugs will be accepted from trusted people and kisses likewise, but otherwise you may be looking at a punch in a nose. Unless you're really trusted or he's trying to manipulate you, badtouch is a quick way of getting him to try and kill you.

[Other Things of Note]

Kefka is asexual. He's not attracted to people sexually, he will never be, and he's not interested in sex. He's always been like that; the magic and personality change have nothing to do with it. Magic can turn him on, though, although he will not tell unless he trusts someone very much.

Regarding the subject of Kefka being mentally ill—I’ll be playing him as having mental issues from the magitek infusion, which is canonically stated to have warped him, rather than as having an rl mental illness. This is partially because the game says outright that the magic did it and partially because people with mental illnesses, in general, don’t act like Kefka.

Kefka’s mind being warped by magic was caused by the magitek infusion and pushed Kefka into increasing violence and instability. This is mentioned by one NPC in the party’s first visit to Vector: “That guy Kefka? He was Cid's first experimental Magitek Knight. But the process wasn't perfected yet. Something in Kefka's mind snapped that day...!” (SNES quote, alas)

In the game, it is implied that magic makes whoever and whatever it touches more aggressive—random encounters are magical and attack, Terra’s magical form is summoned by her rage when she fights Humbaba, the espers destroy Vector in an uncontrollable rage—magic and anger are connected.

Magic also seems to pop up stronger with strong negative emotions. Phoenix activates when Locke feels deep sorrow for not being able to bring his girlfriend back to life; Terra’s other magical freak out happened when she was confused and upset about finding out her esper side; Wrexsoul the magical ghost boss monster wants to eat Cyan’s soul because it’s full of sorrow and rage, as do the Three Dream Stooges. This isn’t a hard and fast rule, but it seems to be fairly common, so I think it’s fair to extrapolate that magic is attracted to and is strengthened by negative emotions and thus would cause them more.

These effects of magic, then, would push Kefka’s personality changing to be more aggressive and a lot more prone to anger and other negative feelings and feeling them strongly. It’s also given him an obsession with gaining more magic. I’d say that part of this is biological and part of this is …well, magical.

(It doesn’t help that his job is, pretty much, “kill as many as enemies as possible without getting killed.” Give how Nazi-esque the Empire is, I’d imagine the taboo on horrible mass murder is much less. Although he’s well aware that killing is a Bad Thing in general, he does it because not only does it make him happy, but it’s culturally acceptable and he’s getting employed for it! If there was more of a taboo, he’d be more likely to go around killing wildlife and, say, running a clothing shop, but since there isn’t in the Empire and people telling him ‘killing is bad’ isn’t going to change that his job is to horribly murder people, he’ll stay a horrible murderous thing.)

(And as a god, his job is to do whatever he wants, which is why he doesn’t seem to be doing anything. He is doing things! Just not where team good can see.)

Kefka also has some issues with depression and has had them before the magic changed him, but these are unrelated to the magic’s changes. For him, life feels like it has very little meaning except for magic and destruction and so he pushes himself into those whenever possible. When not utterly focused on destruction or caught up in an emotional fit, he feels like he’s in a grey blah. He is not suicidal or self-harming, although he may discuss issues concerning that given his fixation on destruction and death, and so I’ll ask the mods and put up a warning beforehand if those seem likely to come up.

Kefka’s understanding of this is—well, I imagine that his world’s understanding of mental illness is somewhere in the mid-19th century, but he thinks about himself using terminology from the War of the Magi; he identifies as having ‘melencholia,’ which in the context of his world would be ‘an affliction of brilliant magi, a hazard of creativity and thinking,’ from texts dating back to the Wars of the Magi. He is aware that the magic has changed his brain chemistry and his personality, but believes it is an acceptable exchange for gaining magic. He’s not aware of how drastically his personality has changed.

Kefka is capable of forming friendships and relationships; despite being a villain who is alone from a game about friendships, he does have some relationships in the start of the game, although they're not terribly healthy and they end up opposing him or dead by the halfway point. It doesn't help that the magic has pushed his aggression up, he likes being a jerk, he judges everyone and his temper is terrible. But he can have friendships and once they are there, he will cling onto them until he gets stabbed or something.

[CR Shenanigans]

Easiest way to get on his good side: Tell him about magic. Give him magic! Magic magic magic. Telling him about Important Things and engaging him in intelligent conversation are also good ways to go at it. Intelligent arguments are included--those are lots of fun! And discussing murder, mayhem and destruction. Engaging in murder, mayhem and destruction with him! Sparring!

Easiest way to get on his bad side: For generic Kefka Dislike, make him feel like he wasted his time, insult him or tell him he should stop doing his job of being the Empire's dirty work man because ~it's evil~. Not answering what he thinks are perfectly reasonable questions. Trying to kill him.

If one wants raging loathing hatred of doom like nothing else, however, get his trust and then break it. He'll flip continents!

Favorite person: n/a

Favorite person met on the comm: n/a

Prefers: Food with strong flavors. Destruction. Winning. He has a soft spot for magical children, scientists and soldiers, since those were the types he interacted with most in his world. Being entertained.


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