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Player Information
Name: Gene
Personal Journal: [ profile] magicgenetek
Contact Info: plotdesigner @gmail/aim/plurk
Other Characters: n/a

Character Information
Name: Kefka Palazzo
Canon or Original: Final Fantasy VI (Advance translation)

Age: 36
Keyblade Wielder, Blackblood, or Other: Other; Mage Mercenary
(History is pretty much this, but with some minor changes in backstory and with Kefka surviving the boss fight to land on a KH world. Below is the new backstory for things.)

Once upon a time, there was a little world on the edge of space. Although the world was rich in magic and everyone who left it to learn the keyblade became a great mage (and leave it they did--never to return, and good riddance to that world), the practice of magic was banned, and had been for as long as the world had been known.

Once upon a time, on the little world at the edge of space, there was something strange about their magic. For those that had taught the people on the little world magic had shown them how to use the strength of their hearts to power their magic--and the power-hungry would modify their hearts to unnatural light or darkness to boost this. This was not common anymore; long ago, a war between mages almost destroyed the world, and so the secrets to magic were hidden away. But they still stayed there...

Twenty years ago, the little world on the edge of the universe cut off all communications with the rest of the universe. It was politics, said the world; we'll be back in time. But that was not the truth.

The truth was that the little world was engaged in fierce battle; one side was bringing back the forbidden magics, churning out mages with unnatural hearts, and the other was trying, desperate, to stop them.

It is a miracle that no heartless or black bloods showed up to cause mayhem, with this. But the little world did not believe in hearts, or light, or darkness; there was only magic. Light and dark are irrelevant; only magic is important. And magic was enough to stomp any unfortunate black bloods or heartless that tried to cause trouble there.

Kefka Palazzo was one of the mages with an unnatural heart. Is, still. At the climax of the battles, Kefka fought a defecting soldier (a woman he had been close to before she switched sides ie Celes) over the world’s heart and she made it very clear that she wasn’t coming back. With a blade to the gut. Kefka, in a fit of rage and despair, tapped into the little world’s heart and razed a good chunk of the world before being killed to prevent him from doing any more damage.

Well, presumably killed. With the last of the world-heart’s power, Kefka flung himself off his world and onto another one. The thing is that the intense meddling with his heart has loosened some of his chains of memory and he’s forgotten a good chunk of the recent past—including the stabbing that, if not for the whole heart of world thing, would have sent him straight into black bloodery. As is, Kefka’s now exploring the new worlds he’s on, trying to find his way back home and find even more magic power.

Personality: Kefka Palazzo has one person he takes orders from and that is Kefka Palazzo. Kefka is priority number one and although there are some things he’ll put above his own personal safety, they number in the single digits and most of them involve him benefiting in the end. He’ll run from a fight if he thinks it’ll be better for him in the long run, even if it makes him look bad; he’ll cheat as much as he can if he can get away with it; there is no mercy for the enemy unless they’re too weak to even bother caring about. He’ll fight and lose if it’ll help the plan, but he’d prefer to fight and win and kill the enemy horribly. He likes control, and he hates taking orders, but if it benefits him in the end, he’ll roll with it. For now. There are very few lows he will not stoop to in order to win. If he’s got a goal, he’ll do anything to win.

And if he has a chance, he will flaunt that he’s different and powerful. That’s what the clothing and make up is for—a magi’s garb. Kefka’s garb. He is the important one, the one to fear, the one that is special. If he must be bothered, it should be for a damn good reason because he hates it when worthless things take up his time. And if he wants time, it is because he has a damn good reason and he should be paid attention to or he will be rightfully mad and rightfully punish whoever is not paying attention to him. If he is working for someone, he better get the proper respect or someone is getting cliff-punted. This can bite him in the ass when he deems the wrong thing unimportant.

There is one exception to this, and this is a person Kefka Likes. These persons are few and far between, on account of Kefka hating almost everyone he meets and having ridiculous standards, but they do exist. People who have managed this are usually 1. Warriors 2. Magical 3. Loyal to him 4. Want to destroy everything 5. He’s sure aren’t going to backstab him. 3 and 5 are similar because they are that important. He needs reliable types! In canon, the only person who manages to fit some of the criteria is Celes, and Kefka tries to lure her back to the Empire or kill her for leaving the Empire and just focuses on her in general out of all the rebels. And going through with his plan of becoming a god and destroying everything after she stabs him. He doesn’t take rejection well.

(On a similar note, this is why Kefka’s Tower is full of palate swaps of monsters from the Empire and the Magitek Labs. As much as he hates Gestahl and Leo, he does have some fondness for his fellow soldiers and monsters of his country. They can all kill everyone together! And live in a Tower and proclaim that they’re better than everyone and kill whoever doesn’t agree! Best plan ever.)

When Kefka feels an emotion strongly, he feels it really strongly. Hate, rage, smug satisfaction--he’ll revel in it, every motion he makes showing how he feels. When he’s mad and fighting, he’ll fling himself at the enemy even when it’d be safer for him to stay back and cast magic. When he’s raging, he shakes his fists in the air and yells ridiculous metaphor-laden insults at the enemy and even hops around. The laugh takes up all of his body in hysterics.

However, Kefka is very capable of feeling things in a more muted way or not feeling anything at all, and that will become more evident as canon progresses. He goes from tantruming at Figaro Castle to being a cool, collected god at the end (albeit, one who gets angry after several minutes of arguing with the heroes on whether life is worth living, but it takes a lot longer to piss him off than it did before) and he does have points in canon where he’s very calm, very collected and very deadly.

Despite how he sometimes acts, Kefka is smart. You don’t become a general, a court mage, a magitek knight and a god without being smart. He knows lore about the Warring Triad, he knows about magic, he hangs around Cid’s lab to see what’s going on, and he knows enough about machines on his world to ride magitek armor, although he prefers not to. He likes learning about things and will devour what knowledge he can get, but anything deemed useless will be promptly forgotten. He’s decent at manipulations and tricks team good twice in game, but he has an advantage for those (imitating someone he’s known for years and convincing team rebellion that their defector isn’t) that he won’t in the comm. He also likes wordplay and puns, although his often are on the cheesy side.

Kefka thinks the worst of people, and is delighted when he’s right. People who are outstandingly virtuous piss him off, confuse him and disgust him, and he’ll try to kill them or corrupt them if he gets the chance. He won’t mind as much if they’re outstandingly virtuous in order to protect him, though. He’ll just. Use them.
Kefka is also a bit stupid about relationships. It takes a lot to get him to trust and like someone; however, when he does, they’ll have his loyalty. Forever. Although heavens help anyone who betrays him, because Kefka does not deal well with rejection and betrayal. See also: blowing up the world because he got stabbed by someone he liked.

Abilities: Kefka is one of the strongest mages in the history of his world; between his inventiveness, his strategic skill and his wide range of spells, even a low level spell can be deadly in his hands.

Kefka is capable of learning three kinds of magic: black magic, status magic, and blue magic. All of Kefka’s magic is innate, unlike KH magic; he cannot un-equip it, forget it or have it taken away by normal means. (Unnormal means, on the other hand, are a-ok for this sort of thing.)

Kefka can learn Blue, Black and Status Magic by using a Drain, Vampire or Osmose spell on a creature that uses a Blue spell, and having that knock them out. Kefka’s only current blue spells are Vampire, White Wind and Bad Breath. Kefka’s current black magic spells are Fire-a, Thunder-a, Blizzard-a, Flare, Drain, Osmose, Poison, and Bio. Kefka's current status magic spells are Stop, Slow, Confuse, Float and Haste. He'll be able to access magic from all games if he can find it.

Skills: Kefka can fight using staves, rods, flails, morning stars, and knives. He is very skilled with morning stars and mildly skilled with everything else. (Although he’ll need to land a really good hit or be using a poisoned weapon to actually make a difference.)

Kefka is good at finding and creating poisons. He’s skilled at creating plant- and chemical-based poisons, but he can’t do biological shenanigans for the life of him. Furthermore, he’s going to have to learn a whole new set of plants if he wants to work with off-world fauna, since that’s all he’s got. This is augmented by his research skills.

Kefka is highly skilled at information-finding, research and critical thinking. On his world, he uncovered a lot about the heart of the world (aka the goddesses in canon) when most of that information had been buried away rather deeply. Between his experience and his formal education, Kefka’s excellent at finding facts, putting them together and coming up with a logical conclusion.

Thanks to his time in the military, Kefka is well versed in tactics, working in groups and organizing people

Weaknesses: Due to the unhealthy effects of Kefka’s magic, Kefka’s physical strength is pretty much nil. A small child could beat him in an arm wrestling match if both were sans buff spells. Although he’s strong enough to carry things around in everyday life, his physical skills are useless in a fight. As such, his weapon skills, although honed, are also pretty much useless unless he can get at a vulnerable spot.

Kefka is incapable of learning white magic. If he wants to heal, he’ll have to use blue magic or a potion.

Kefka’s status and black magic is, thanks to his world’s science shenanigans, based on the strength of his heart. Strong emotions, whether light or dark (like anger and glee), boost his magic, while more grey ones (boredom, apathy and so on) weaken it.

Kefka’s emotions tend to get the better of him when they show up. Once he gets started in a ragefit, a gleegasm or a fluster, he gets incredibly focused on whatever provoked him. While this is bad for the provokee, everyone else will be able to sneak around him without a problem! And even without this, Kefka tends to obsess; he’ll ignore everything else to work on a problem once one catches his interests.

Also, betrayal by someone he’s close to and trusts will utterly wreck Kefka. It takes a lot to hammer it in, but once it does, he’ll be in serious danger of becoming a black blood.

Kefka is newly off-world and still learning the ropes of other worlds. He learns fast, but he’s still disadvantaged when it comes to off-world information.

Light, Darkness, or In-Between: Kefka is more aligned toward the darkness. This is partially because his heart has been artificially darkened to strengthen his magic. This is also because of a naturally nasty temper, occasional depression issues, and a sadist streak encouraged by his job. Kefka still has enough light in his heart to avoid black blood-ing for now; the joy he takes in fighting and trolling and the affection he has for the few people he actually likes keeps that darkness in check.

Samples: How’s this thing--it’s gotta--come on, you stupid--if this thing broke after all I paid for it I’m gonna rip that guy’s--oh, there it is!

[The camera flickers on. There’s an upside down short blonde guy with clown make up on--no, wait, it’s the camera that’s upside down. You can tell from the lights on the floor. Ceiling. Bugger. No, wait, he’s got it up on the--now he’s sideways. Good job. A++ computer competence over here.]

Hey, everyone! This is Sir Palazzo! I’m new to this planet and I want to say hi! And this is the channel for it. Anyway, I’m for hire for your odd job needs! You want monsters fought? Packages delivered? Clothes repaired? Duels fought? I can do it reliably and quietly!

[He makes a gesture like casting Fira, his fingers flicking through the air to aim, and attempts a winning smile for the camera. It almost succeeds.]

So if anyone needs a job done, give me a call! [His confidence falters; he pokes the screen a few times, grimacing.] Or whatever by weather it is you do with these things. Has anyone seen any opera records, by the by?


"I hate my job," Kefka mutters, trying to wedge himself closer to the chimney. It was almost two in the morning, it was cold, it was foggy, the golden-eyed freak he was supposed to be killing was still MIA, and the key-wielding twit who had hired him was safe and warm at the hotel. Acting as bait? Bah! Leaving the real job to the mage who wasn’t a chosen lockbeast, more like. Lazy, layabout loser longing for life outside the lonesome London landscape. Was this thing his ticket out? Or was he trying to impress someone up the lock-key ladder? The twerp looked too twee for this to be for justice and safety and blah de blah blah blah.

"Hate it, hate it hate it hate it," he adds, casting Scan over the roofs again. The golden-eyed one, whatever it was, was after a local nanny for some reason or another. She had been up here recently (what) to dance with chimney sweeps (seriously?) and set off fireworks (maybe it was a fight instead?), and it was close to her place of residence. So. Worth waiting for.

He cuts off his cursing once he spots a flicker of movement among the spines of chimneys. He casts Scan again, focusing, and spots the target: almost serpentine, twisting face into chimneys to listen before moving on.


The spell hits her between the eyes. She hisses, her face snapping towards him, and she spits shards of ice at him. Kefka rolls away, licks away blood from where his mouth hit the rooftop, and giggles. His blood is pumping in his ears; he can smell magic as she inhales, ready to shoot more spikes.

Maybe this isn’t such a bad job after all!