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DDD CR CHART (in progress)

Scrooge McDuck
We got married, and while we were stuck in a tiny room, we became friends. We both like exploring things and finding valuable artifacts! And my younger self, while I was virused into being younger, was, I daresay, halfway to smitten. I just hope that he doesn't have too much of a freak out over my more villainous plots; the Empire needs it. And I need it. And he's one of the few people I can trust.

McDuck Versemadeitsquare

How do I tell you about Grace? She trolled everyone while anon, plotted some fantastic taking over the world gambits and is still keeping an eye on everyone with her cybernetics. I figured out who she is through luck and a ridiculous amount of studying, and I told her I did so that we could work together. She's all robotics and manipulation. She's amazing. I can't wait to see her win.

Macross Frontierimplantsgrace

Aria Montgomery
Aria is still naive to the ways of the world, but once I bring her A's head on a platter, maybe she'll feel a little safer in it! Or maybe she could take A's head herself. All she needs is a little nudging in the right places and she could do so well! I trust her and her ability to take care of herself; for a soft Earth, she's capable; and she listens.

Pretty Little Liarslittlemissaria

Samara Morgan
I'm not taking her back home until she has her powers under control. I am not fighting her dead self again! She's an excellent protoge and I feel more under control with her with me; if I have someone to talk to, another mage, it's easier to ignore the idiots. (And she can kill them with her mind!) Now, if I could only figure out how her powers work...

The Ringweliveandwecry
Jezebel Disraeli
My younger self wanted to save him. I have the remains of those feelings, and they color me: I want to steal him. He's got strong feelings and good emotional regulation; those are good in a mage. And it'd piss off his dad, who I do not respect at all--there's better, less sloppy ways to give someone Stockholm's than feeding someone their siblings and pets!


Montgomery "Scotty" Scott
My younger self went drinking with him and enjoyed it. I enjoy him as well; he's a man who knows his way around robots and we can talk eighties pop hits! I like his theories of interdimensional travel, as well.

Star Treklt_cmmdr_scott

He hates me for killing Terra. Which I haven't done yet. What even. Why won't he stop yapping? It's like I'm being followed by one of those little mop dogs who go yap yap yap all the time.

Final Fantasy Xyacantdoitkid

He's obsessed with manliness. I don't get it. But he's always got something interesting to talk about and he knows how to have a good time! Where a good time is maiming a bar full of people. I don't think I'll ever get tired of Greed.

Fullmetal Alchemistmaterial_guy
Winry Rockbell
She's an excellent engineer and an exellent host. I like her. Needs more flamethrowers, though.

Fullmetal Alchemisthands4healing

Gellert Grindelwald
He's ambitious and he wants to make a new world. I want to see if he can do it, and if he can, how long it takes for it to fall. He can talk a good talk and he walks an excellent walk, but he's a little too honorable. If he could lose that stupidity, he'd be ready to take over!

Harry Potterdarklycharming

Denzel Crocker
He wants fairies and magic. So do I. We have an alliance now. But I worry-there's evidance that his world's magic has changed him, and could do it again. Magic can change people into different people; will dealing with him be more work than it's worth?

Fairly Oddparentscatchthefairies

Cosmo Cosma
The sooner I can get him to kill Jorgen, the better.

Fairly Oddparentsoddfairy
Harry Potter
He's a sweet kid. He needs to get away from the Dursleys; their influence will either make his magic explode and kill everyone or dishearten him, and that's a waste of talant. And how will he find me information then?

Harry Potterfromacupboard

Another warrior of another colonizing Empire. She's loyal, a ferocious fighter, cunning: everything I like in a fellow mage. I like her. I don't think she'd be happy if she found out my plans aren't in line with the Emperor's, though, so I will just not tell her that for now.

Avatar: The Last Airbenderpeoplesprincess

Pearl Fey
I've never met someone who can talk to ghosts before. Now that I'm not virused into being young, I think we should talk again.

Phoenix Wrightghosthippingly

Shelly de Killer
An assassin with impressive skills and a pleasant temperament. I wish I could hire him; he seems like he'd be a better catch than that Shadow. When are he and Greed going to kiss and make up?

Phoenix Wrightkillerbaseball
He's a sex robot. A sex robot. I don't get it, but if I can wrap my head around it, it'll help me be a better god. Gods have to deal with sex. And robots. Robots, robots are nice. And he's good for bouncing ideas off of!

Love Nekofetish_fuel

Claire "Vino" Stanfield
Another assassin I like more than Shadow. He's got a hell of a skillset and his loyalty is unquestionable. I won't mess with his people if he doesn't mess with mine, and I may ask him for a team up later! And I want to give him more weapons. So he can kill with them. Oh, yes.


Kanaya Maryam
For someone who claims to be a peacemaker, she sure hates me a lot.

MS Paintexceedingwords

Cross Marian
I've grown fond of mocking this son of a candy cane, because every overture of friendliness ends in insults. I'll just go ahead and mock him first! And I never gets invited to his parties!

D Gray Manbreakhisknees
Aradia Medigo
She's a ghost girl with a mission. I want to see how that mission ends, and how much devestation it'll cause.

Ms Paint Adventuresgh0st_girl

Alexia Taberotti

The Parasol Protectoratecarriesparasol

Taniyama Mai
I can't wait until she offs that camera man and becomes a ghost hunter!


Miles Edgeworth
A prosecutor whose dedication to the law exceeds his dedication to his life. Time will tell if he'll get himself killed in paradimensional law. I want to talk to him about philosophy and dogs.

Phoenix Wrightsamriprosecutor
A goddess with a bad additude. She reminds me of the Warring Triad. I'll show her that I'll become a god!


A shy girl who's looking for a wish to make. She really needs to learn that cheating is perfectly acceptable when dealing with magic, because magic is all about cheating. It cheats you, and you use it to cheat the world!


A vampire turned hero. He amuses me. He's also not all 'bluh bluh murder is bad,' which gives him Smart Points.

Buffy the Vampire Slayerlittlemissaria

Dexter Morgan
A cop who is as bland as toast. Fortunately, his investigations are butter and chocolate to make the toast delicious.

She's a smart kid with the potential to destroy a lot of things. I hope I can guide her to fulfill her potential as a destroyer!

Yggdra Unionhisetsuki

Hiro Nakamura
He told me about the fourth wall. In return, I won't worry him with my progress in destroying it until I do it.


FUCK THIS GUY If he ever punches me in the face to cheer me up, he's getting flambe'd. Ditto if he ruins Grace's plans.

Tenga Toppa Gurren Laggenaburningspirit

Someday, I'll get this brat for forcing me to marry. Someday.

Goodbye, Mr. Despairyouvegotmeru
HE'S PRETTY COOL he falls on horns and doesn't afraid of anything. I wonder what he's eating to get him so out of it? Or is he like that naturally? And if not, what's he like without it?

MS Paint Adventuresmotherfinghonk

William Birkin
He likes Disney musicals, science and murder via zombie. I think this is the start of a beautiful friendship.

Resident Evilnotahandbag
The Visitor
She's a god who doesn't like selfish gods. But isn't that what gods are supposed to do? I can't wrap my head around the idea of a nice god. But if I will become a god, shouldn't I keep all the kinds of gods in mind?

The Visitordarkling-wind

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