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ddd ooc: plotting stuff

Kefka's to do list as of 3/24/11:
*arrange and pay for a place for Grace on his world
*arrange a place for Samara on his world while he trains her
*upgrade his status immunities. just finished anti-stop magic.
*upgrade magic spells. current proposal: fira -> firaga and blizzara -> blizzaga. this requires sucking the life out of magical people.
*upgrade the rest of his magical spells.
*mess with fairies/get fairy magic/get Crocker fairy magic
*plot with Gellert. attempt to lure him to amoral side
*traumatize Pearl, Scotty, Aria, Winry, Scrooge, and Harry, among others
*have weapon party with Vino
*troll Joan, Jecht, Cross, etc
*reveal self as evil
*figure out how to get through the cave of undead to the esper world
*figure out how to get into the esper world
*figure out how to find the gods in the esper world
*find the gods
*become a god or die trying
*create empire of kefka as a god
*fuck yeah he's a god
*if Grace and Samara are still with him, have them join up
*everyone gets to drink the drink of their choice
*create para-dimensional empire of kefka
*ruin everyone's day

possible canon schedule:

4/12: team good attacks on the magitek lab facility to rescue the espers (read: monster people who turn into equipment when killed). RIP a significant chunk of Kefka's minions; the two people Kefka's shown affection for in canon help team good escape from him; Kefka learns how to turn espers into crystals that teach magic; the empire starts plotting to get into the esper caves. Kefka kills all the espers who didn't escape with the good guys and turns them into crystals.

4/30: Team good goes to the esper caves to get the espers to help defeat team evil. Kefka follows to capture the espers and gets his ass kicked. The espers run off in a magical fit of rage.

4/31: Kefka returns home. The espers have destroyed Vector and vamoosed. RIP everyone in Kefka's hometown who wasn't in the Imperial Palace. Kefka's evil goes from PRAGMATIC to DIE DIE DIE. Kefka is jailed as a scapegoat so that the Empire can look less evil.

5/7: Team good goes to Thamasa, city of mages, to get help and parlay with the remaining espers. After they succeed, Kefka shows up, torches the city, kills everyone who isn't a main character, steals a ton of powers and, while high off magic, forgets to kill team good. Or does it on purpose so that the traitor Celes can come back to him. One of those.

Kefka and his Emperor then raise a great big floating continent that the gods are on, but they can't actually get to the gods. sob.

5/21: Team good shows up to stop Kefka and the Emperor. Celes shows once and for all that she's sick of Kefka's bullshit and stabs him. Kefka, feeling like he's got nothing to lose, asks the gods to let him join in so he can kill everyone--and they do. The Emperor tries to stop him and Kefka kills him. Team good runs away, but not before fatally wounding Kefka. Kefka dies, but is brought back as a god by the gods. They all then blow up the world.

5/28: Kefka is a god! Yessss.

...What does he do now. He's brought back everyone who died in Vector as a monster and given them two towers and three cities to play in, but. What now?

..../eyes dramadramaduck

/evil laughter

AND THAT'S ALL FOR NOW. Things can and will change depending on IC events, if I get canonmates [knocks on wood], and if RL gets weird. Got any ideas? Requests? Complaints? Changes you want? Plot with me!

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