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DDD Characterization Notes 1

ALRIGHT, SO. Felt like typing up tl;dr on what Kefka's doing in DDD and motivations and such.

FIRST OFF: HE'S AN EVIL LITTLE MAN. EVIL EVIL EVIL. Poisons towns, turns small children into brainwashed superweapons, makes terrible puns. And he does it because it is lots of fun and his brain on divine magic ended about as well as all prototype supersoldiers does. But he is trying not to show it too much on DDD and this is why:

Kefka's #1 goal on his world is to become a god. Because he's obviously god material and he needs to go take his rightful place in the pantheon.

This has given him several subgoals:

1. The gods are hidden in a cave that's guarded by magically-enhanced monsters, and that cave is guarded by another cave full of zombies. He'll need to be strong enough to get through both of those in order to reach the gods.

2. How does he become stronger? He was turned into a super soldier by the Empire, which is as evil as ambitious as the name implies. The Empire can help him become stronger, and working for the Empire gives him opportunities to find more ways to become powerful. He needs to stay in the Emperor's good graces so he can continue working for the Empire; if he's considered not helpful, the Emperor will get rid of him.

3. What makes the Empire happy? The Empire is trying to take over the world. So helping out with that and being a good minion is the way to go.

4. Kefka's been turned into a magical supersoldier, but he was the prototype, so things have gone a bit wrong. He's become sadistic and an egomaniac, and likes indulging in those things. However, Kefka still needs to keep the Empire happy by being a good super-soldier, so he usually doesn't do those things unless he thinks he can get away with it.

Although he enjoys evil acts, those aren't the main goal. The main goal is becoming a god, keeping the Empire happy, etc. Fortunately, working for an evil Empire gives him plenty of opportunities to do bad. It just has to be in a way acceptable to the Empire.

Now, what are Kefka's goals regarding DDD?

1. Can DDD make him more powerful and better prepared to find the gods? Given that there's engineers, magical beings, and all that jazz, yes. So being in their good graces is important so he can get some wonderful loot.

2. DDD is entertaining. He's the Empire's odd-job boy, going around and doing the dirty work. Sometimes he gets to be eeevil and go all out, but there's a lot of waiting involved. And diplomacy. Boring parts! DDD is something to do during the boring parts. And as much fun as it is to piss people off, he wants to keep the entertainment going.

Furthermore, being a magic-addled supersoldier with a bad temper is not good for a social life. It's nice having people to talk to without having to worry about ~the plans~. (Doubly so if they turn out to be evil like like he is.)

3. DDD is not an enemy. He doesn't want DDD as an enemy because it would pwn him almost instantly, he likes some of the people there and he wants DDD's resources. He doesn't want out of world people ruining his perfect plans! So he's staying on good sides.

4. Even if Kefka's not attempting to evil at DDD blatantly, he's still trying to influence people's actions for the worse. Or recruit them to team Kefka.

TL;DR HE IS SUCKING UP TO DDD FOR POWER AND LULZ and occasionally trolling for lulz, but not in a way that will get him in trouble, hopefully.

as canon rolls along, he's going to slip up sooner or later

but for now, he is playing nice

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