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4.5; ringrolled; the camera is magic and spies on him; he used to spell his name with a C

warning for blood, discussion of violence and emotional instability of the lead

"Cefca, you were screaming," comes the voice, and the camera pans over Cefca, eyes downcast, his whole body shaking. His room is small and spartan, furnished only with bed and bookshelf and a few badly-drawn pictures taped up around a calendar. He breathes slowly, once, twice, tucks a strand of oily blonde hair behind his ear, and turns to the door.

"Dr. del Norte Marquez," he replies at last, forcing a smile, "it's nothing. Read a bad book."

The doctor steps in, pulling down his coat's hood. del Norte Marquez is old for his age, a balding red-head, but his body language suggests concern. "You've been in isolation for study of your magic for a week now. Are you sure it's not bothering you too much?"

"Until we find out why it's been acting wrong, no, it's fine. Celes visits me every few days and you're here like clockwork for lunch; that's more than enough."

"Are you sure?" del Norte asks.

"Yes, I'm sure."

"If it's--"

"I'M SURE!" Cefca snarls, face twisting obscene. del Norte startles; Cefca's face turns ashen, and he turns away. "I'm sure. I'm sure I'm sure. We both know why I'm in here."

Silence falls.

After a long moment, del Norte looks away, to a discarded mirror. "Have you been playing with magic? There's something in the mirror."

"Like what?"

"It looks like a ring."

And in a flash of gold and green, Cefca shoves del Norte away and grabs the mirror. The camera pans around, showing a flash of Samara's video before returning to Cefca's stricken face.


"Get out, Cid," Cefca says. "Get OUT!"

And del Norte leaves, giving Cefca wide-eyed looks. Cefca stares into the mirror, twitching, before hurling it into the ground with a scream of rage. It shatters; Cefca looks down at it, at shards, before looking around and about.

"I've seen it, curse girl. 's a low trick, that. Are you coming to get me now? Ahahahahaha...."

[[young!Kefka just got ringrolled.]]

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