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Abilities: Kefka is an ex-god of magic and a ridiculously high-powered magi, and although he doesn't have all of the aforementioned godpowers, he's got a happy trigger...mouth and final boss stats.

DISCLAIMER: As Kefka is a ridiculous final boss and a god, I want to make sure I don't overstep my bounderies when playing him. I'll ask permission before doing anything too extreme.

HP: 62,000 MP: 38,000

Status Immunity: Blind, Zombie, Poison, Magitek, Petrify, Instant Death, Silence, Berserk, Confusion, Sap, Sleep, Slow, Haste, Stop, Protect, Shell

Status Immunity (godmode): Blind, Zombie, Poison, Magitek, Vanish, Imp, Petrify, Instant Death, Doom, Critical, Blink, Silence, Berserk, Confusion, Sap, Sleep, Slow, Haste,Stop, Shell, Protect, Reflect, Control

Magic List: Fire/a/ga, Blizz/a/ga, Thund/a/ga, Flood, Slow, Stop, Stopra (from Phantom Heartless), Poison, Bio, Imp, Vanish, Confusion, Sleep, Reflect, Holy, Haste, Scan, Curaga (from Kuja), Mini (from Kuja), Reraise (from Terra), Meteor, Ultima (requires two posts for sufficent power-up), X-Zone (requires two posts for sufficient power up), Death (requires two posts to power up), Esuna, Quake, Demi, Break

God powers: Havoc Wing, Heartless Angel, Forsaken (requires two posts to power up), Ultima (requires only one post), using the Light of Judgement when a sufficient focus is available, ridiculous physical strength and doubling in size. And wings.

Other powers: He can cast illusions, although this requires intense concentration and causes exhaustion. They can last to up to 5 minutes with his current concentration level, although this can change as required by the plot. These illusions are as good as what he knows the subject looks an acts like. He could make an illusion of himself much more accurate than one of someone he's known for a few hours.

He can see other people's magic, which manifests as magic/clouds/trippy synesthesia wtfery/htlm abuse

He can steal magic, although this requires intense concentration and touching the subject. He can only take spells or one natural, magical ability. He will be exhausted afterwards.

He can transfer magic, although this requires intense concentration and touching the subject. He can only transfer spells, not magical abilities, and only can transfer magic he knows. He will ~see~ the subject's magic. He will be exhausted afterwards, with bonus

He can turn into a god, which he can sustain for about fifteen minutes at maximum before fainting. This brings up his godpowers and god immunities and makes him huge and not made of tissue paper. He also gets a more alien mindset and is more likely to pursue a fight.

He can do minor telekinesis, although he needs to concentrate first. He can only move small objects a few feet, and he doesn't have enough control to do anything tricky like moving blood vessels in brains.

Note on the Light of Judgement: It can blow large swathes of land up. He needs a magical focus and to be in god-form to use it to blow things up.

Weaknesses: He's not immune to any other statuses, he can be tricked, and he's built like tissue paper when he's not in godmode. Smack him and he'll bruise, cut him and he'll bleed, set him on fire and he'll be upset his hair got ruined.

Can I shapeshift/bodyswap/spit at/step on/mind-read/etc?: Just ask first!

Hugging/kissing/other non-violent physical contact: If you want? He tends to get into people's personal space but he's not super-touchy--he tends to shy away from it if it's not a fight or with someone he is sure won't attack him.

Maim/murder/death: Ask me first if it's bound to be life-threatening. Random punching/kicking/etc is fine, although he generally tends to overreact to such things...or play along. I may poke you if it looks like a fight is coming up, since he's got ~final boss powers~ and all and I don't want to go whole hog with that unless I have permission. He's hard to kill. But I'm usually up for some maiming!

Threadjacking: As long as it's not a locked post or something, go for it!

The Fourth Wall: Go for it! He's semi-aware of the fourth wall (and is aware in [ profile] dear_mun) and will fourth wall right back.

If you want to ask questions or just talk, feel free to PM me!